Five Health Benefits of Thai Massage

thai massage in ajman

Most often, we treat massages as a luxury. However, these are the bare necessities of life. After all the hard work that your body does to achieve things in life, it requires a wholesome massage to de-stress and rejuvenate. Different types of massages can help your body restore its lost energy and feel youthful again. However, the Thai spa in Ajman provides a unique massage therapy that involves no oil. Still, only the experienced hands of the practitioner can gift you the wealth of a rejuvenating experience.


In this article, we will discuss how the best Thai massage can provide you with miraculous health benefits. Read on to know more-


What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is a dry therapy that doesn't use any sort of oil or lotion. It uses compressing and stretching actions to rock the muscles and lengthen them. It helps to release stress, improve blood circulation and provide general happiness to the person.

The therapist may use their knees, feet, hands, fingers, forearms and legs to help you stretch and release the tension in the muscles.


Reasons to Opt for Thai Massage 

The unique way of performing the Thai massage renders multiple benefits. Here we are discussing a few of them and how these can help your body-

Lowers Stress

We can't pinpoint stress as something terrible for the body. It can be a positive motivator in some cases. However, the stress we endure daily at home and work is increasing. Instead of being a source of motivation, stress leads to mental and physical breakdowns. 

In this era of growing anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, it's great to seek therapies proven to lower stress. And nothing can beat the good old Thai massage in Ajman or Sharjah. The gentle compression and stretching techniques can relax your body like none other. A 2015 research by PubMed proves that Thai massage can relax you way more than simple resting.


Boosts Energy Levels

Thai Massage powers on the notion of Sen, i.e., the energy channels within the body. The unique style of Thai massage leads to physical and mental stimulation that aids in an energy boost.

Sen means the different channels of energy in the body. When the therapists perform Thai massage in Ajman, they stimulate the Sen by putting pressure on bones, muscles and nerves, thereby releasing the tension in these areas. It helps to break free from tiredness and lethargy to give you a burst of energy that you will constantly feel for many days.


Relieves Chronic Headache

Sometimes chronic headache puts a brake on our life. Their recurrence during the most important events of life ruins our confidence. However, Thai massage can help relieve us from chronic headaches and increase our confidence.

When one experiences a headache, the muscles in the temple tighten due to stress. Thai massage can help release stress from these muscles and loosen them, thereby releasing the build of headaches.


Increases Blood Circulation

Thai massage is all about stretches that increase blood circulation in the body. Both blood and lymph circulation improves with gentle stretches during the Thai massage in Ajman.

The benefits of regular Thai massage don't just end with increasing blood circulation, rather these are great for healing problems related to peripheral neuropathy, balance etc.


Improves Range of Motion

Athletes have to improve their range of motion; otherwise, they may not be able to perform on the ground. Also, when they face injuries, specialised massages can revive them back to their best form. 

Thai massage is one such specialised massage therapy that gradually stretches the entire body, letting the person relax. Assisted stretching through Thai massage practitioners can help athletes to concentrate on specific body parts and stretch them. 


Points to Keep In Mind Before Choosing Thai Massage in Ajman


  • Wear loose clothes

  • Avoid eating heavy meals at least 2 hours before the Thai massage

  • Trust your therapist to provide you with complete relaxation and satisfaction

  • There may be slight pain in some parts of the body which is fine

  • Inform your practitioner regarding all your health-related issues

  • Practioner may even sit on you to stretch specific points, so don't be surprised


In a Nutshell

Thai massage is an exceptional experience that de-stresses all body parts and gives immense health benefits. However, you must reach for the best Thai spa in Ajman to achieve all these. We suggest premier Spa in Ajman, Chandinirath Spa, which welcomes you with expert therapists, hygienic space, high-quality equipment and a comfortable experience.