Chandini rath spa

Chandini rath spa

How to Give a Male a Massage

Male or female, massage is essentially the same regardless of the gender of the customer. When working with male clients, there are some important distinctions that should be kept in mind during the transaction. A couple of the most important factors to consider are draping and male sexual reaction, both of which will be discussed in-depth, as well as some other variances.

Draping For Male Customers

Dress the man in the right way. Even though a male client is prone (face down), draping him is the same as draping a woman. The way a client is draped should be based on his or her comfort and modesty in the gluteal area. However, there is some concern about the male genitalia when draping around the adductor muscles along the inner thigh. In some situations, you may have to let your male client change the position of his genitalia, but you should never try to do it for him. When massaging a man's upper chest and abdomen, he can be undressed up to the waist. Even so, the client's comfort should still be taken into account since massage tends to warm the body, and bare skin will get cold quickly without the sheet and blanket. Make sure the sheet stays in place by tucking it under the client's leg. This is especially important when stretching since the movement of the hips could cause the genitalia to shift and accidentally show.

Pay attention to what's going on. Men usually want firm or deep pressure when they get a massage. This could be done with elbows, knuckles, or even massage tools that are made for deep pressure work. No matter what, keep asking the client how much pressure they want and make sure you're giving them enough without making them uncomfortable.

Stretching is a good thing to do with your male clients. Men don't usually stretch as often as women do or have as much flexibility as women do. Since they tend to be less flexible, you might not be able to stretch them as far or as easily as you usually do. Follow the client's words and body language to know when to stop stretching.

Give your face a massage. Remember that you can move from the chin to the forehead for a woman, but a man's stubble or facial hair might not let you do that. Instead, use a lotion or lubricant that doesn't have a scent and follows the shape of the face.


  • Men are less likely to complain about excessive pressure than women, so do frequent checks to ensure you are not causing discomfort or agony to them. Reduce the amount of pressure you apply before checking in, which causes them to request that you raise the amount of pressure you apply. By doing so, you may be confident that you are not harming them as you dive deep.
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