Chandini rath spa

Chandini rath spa

24 Hours Ajman Spa Full Service Massage

Most of you may not know the exact benefits of a regular body massage other than it energizes you or relieve the tension in your back. A full body massage has a lot more benefits than you probably realize. As the professionals in full body massage therapy, we have Spa massage in Ajman and Sharjah offering various massage services, including customized body massage packages.

What is a Full Body Massage?

A full body massage Spa involves the massaging of the entire body by a therapist during a therapeutic massage. It can last a minimum of 50-55 minutes, where in the therapist works over all major areas of the body like hands, neck, legs, feet, arms shoulders and the back. If there are any problem areas of your body that you want to target, make sure to let them know and they will predominantly focus on those spots to treat the issue.

Full Body Spa Massage Technique

In full body massage, a patient is asked to lie down on the massaging table and the practitioner applies customized massaging oils or creams all over the patient’s body. They applies pressure and starts massaging right from neck and shoulders. It involves press and releasing techniques to massage along the neck, all the way to hairline. The session continues to massage the feet, then work your way up the legs, lower to the upper back, massaging the hands and arms and last but not the least ending with the head.

A professional full body massage therapist understands his or her client’s body dedicate their time to work slowly and paying attention to knots. An experienced therapist knows the importance of communication during the session for understanding the patient’s body, its issues or vulnerabilities so as to focus on those points.

Benefits of Full Body Massage Spa in Sharjah, Ajman

At Chandini Rath Ajman spa massage centre, we have our guests welcomed with full body massages at very affordable rates.  We also have full body spa massage in Sharjah, Ajman - Al Rashidiya massage centers with our experienced and beautiful therapists . A Full body massage benefits a lot to a person’s physical and mental well-being which:

  • Reduce symptoms of Anxiety, Depression and Stress - A full body massage helps to reduce the early symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. These type of psychological issues can elevate one’s blood pressure and suppress immune system.
  • Improves Blood Circulation all over the body - During a body massage, blood flow increases throughout the body and thus the oxygen supply to the muscles also increases. The massage strokes are given in the direction of heart which makes it easier for the blood to flow to the heart and lungs for getting oxygenated. 
  • Lowers Blood Pressure - A regular body massage helps to relieve stress and consequently lowers your blood pressure. The patients taking treatments for lowering blood pressure, can undergo full body massage therapy to catalyst the treatment results.
  • Reduce wrinkles - Massaging your face regularly reduces wrinkles and fine lines. During a full body massage, a deep facial massage is also given which naturally increases the collagen levels and elasticity of the skin. This boosts blood circulation to the facial tissues and stimulates the muscles. A good facial massage helps to reduce acne, pimples and blemishes.
  • Treats Fibromyalgia - Fibromyalgia is a condition, characterized by joint pain, muscle pain and muscle fatigue followed by anxiety or depression.  You should let a professional massage therapist know your musculoskeletal condition for getting a customized therapeutic massage. The full body massage manipulates the soft body muscles and reduces muscle spasms, muscle knots and tender points.
  • Removes Toxins - A full body massage effectively reduces toxins in the body. This body massage therapy promotes lymphatic drainage which helps to break up the toxins accumulated and flushed out of the system.
  • Increase joint mobility and flexibility - The joint movements of a person largely depend up on the health of his muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues. A regular full body massage increases the mobility and flexibility of joints for all age groups.

24 Hours Ajman Spa Full Service Massage Chandini Rath Spa

We are one of the best Ajman Spa Full service massage center in Sharjah providing various spa massages at best prices. Our exclusive full body massage at our 24 hours Massage center nourishes every cell of your body, completely relaxes you and reduces many stressful issues

We offer our signature  Kerala Spa massage, Indian massage, Pakistani massage, Thai massage, full body massage, oil and cream massage and much more, at the coziest and comfortable space that leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s easy to reach us when you search for massage center near to me in Sharjah and get your body and mind refreshed.

For more inquiries, Call us – 0557032322 / 0528893318

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